Snowdown Follies



Almost 1000 participants have joined the Follies cast and crew over the years.  Last year about 1% of the participants have had fun with us for over 20 years, 3% over 10 years  and yet almost half of the cast was with us less than 5 years.    There is a perception you can’t get in.  Not true – it takes lots of fresh faces to fall in love with this process and want to come back.  We don’t kid ourselves that this is a lot of work.  It is also an incredible adventure with a group that loves to laugh, entertain and just have some fun in the winter!

Persistence pays – if at first you don’t succeed.  You know the saying – just live it.

HELPFUL HINTS about auditions:

Develop a concept or steal one from your favorite band, radio or TV show
Acts should never be more than 3 minutes and 2 ½ is about right.

Maximum Act size is five (5) people. If you need “extras” we can do that from the chosen cast. 
Bring your music on a CD or pluggable device (USB/smartphone with cord) to our sound system
We’ll have microphones set up in the theater

 Come in costume – at least the general idea, you can step it up if your act gets in the show.
Practice what you will present – come prepared

Adult entertainment - Acts are given maximum leeway on content.
However, the Follies reserves the right to censor material deemed to be “too socially unacceptable.”


Cast Auditions:
You must attend this audition to be in the cast!
All participants must be present, so be sure that your act partners are on stage with.

The acts that tend to be chosen are those best prepared... so, give us your best shot.

Wednesday December 4th 6:00 PM
Henry Strater Theatre Seventh and Main Ave. Durango

Chorus Line Auditions:
Must audition - get out your dancing shoes! 
Date and Time: December 7th 12:30 to 5:00
Smiley Building Studio on East 3rd Ave

If selected to dance the show the second half of the closer will be taught same time and place later in December.  Additionally, Follies will order costumes for the opener and closer will cost about $80.  The choreographer will coordinate ordering with you. 
You will also be responsible for the cost of shoes as well as any other undergarments.

See Newsletter for some additional details.

Generally the cast will rehearse two nights per week for the month of January. 
See Cast and Crew Rehearsal Schedule for details.